Microsoft Update: Superior Surface Devices Take Market Focus

#Microsoft #SurfaceDevice – Microsoft Update: Superior Surface Devices Take Market Focus : Microsoft Surface fans are surging with excitement as another Windows reveal events comes into view. While there is little to suggest that hardware will take center stage in New York two weeks from now, people can look forward to learning more about Microsoft’s vision for consumer and enterprise technology.

High-end, innovative products like those of the Surface range have seen spikes in demand. This article takes a look at Microsoft Corporation’s most exciting Surface hardware developments.

Reports claim an all-in-one smartphone will be added to the Surface lineup. The venture is yet to get an official title, although rumors have dubbed it the Surface Phone. The alleged, upcoming mobile device is said to offer near-PC like capacity, using the latest in Intel’s early 2017 processors.

Anticipation is also growing for the incoming Surface Pro 5. An upgrade to the 2015 Surface Pro 4 was expected to arrive a year after its release. Microsoft held back on upgrading the tablet in 2016. It is alleged that the company wants to take advantage of this year’s processor releases in this case too.

For Microsoft Corporation, gone are the days of cramming in the world’s most favored device specs in the name of competing with top tech giants. This strategy has proven less than successful. Speaking to executives and top investors, the fail of its Lumia smartphone purchase remains a sore point for the company.

But CEO Satya Nadella claims to see this loss as a learning experience. Last year, the Microsoft chief exec assured the AFR that his company has learned from the hardware mistakes of the past.

“We will continue to be in the phone market,” Nadella assured, “not as defined by today’s market leaders, but by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device.”

Nadella tells the paper that from now on, Microsoft Corp. will be more interested in how users and company’s make use of its devices and not on what is most sellable. According to him, this alone will push the tech giant further into the every device category.

The process will see Microsoft bringing unique products to the table and further its pursuit for the “ultimate mobile device”

Microsoft Update: Superior Surface Devices Take Market Focus

“We don’t want to be driven buy just envy of what others have,” the CEO reports. “What can we bring? That’s where I look at any device form factor or any technology, even AI.”