#iPhone8 #GalaxyS8 – iPhone 8 And Galaxy S8: Next Gen Smartphones Features Emerge – Although the iPhone 7 has yet to be released by Apple, at least some of the attention of the consumer electronics giant is already turning to the next generation iPhone 8. Media reports are already suggesting that Apple is working on incorporating new features into the iPhone 8, with the consumer electronics giant working closely with a company called Energous to develop wireless charging technology. It seems that wireless charging will be on the agenda for Apple in 2017.

iPhone 8 – Home button

Elsewhere, rumors persist that Apple will scrap the Home button when the iPhone 8 generation goes live, with a virtual alternative built into the display of the smartphone instead. This has been suggested on numerous occasions previously, but this latest report emanates from the New York Times, which suggests that the smartphone competitor will feature a “full-screen face” – i.e. bezel-free – with a new under-screen fingerprint scanner.

Material change

Another prominent report on the social discussion site Quora suggests that the next iPhone generation will utilize a stunning ceramic substance. The light, super-smooth, scratch-resistant compound is already being used in the new Apple Watch Edition and “alchemist and metaphysician” Brian Roemmele believes that this will now be introduced into the iPhone great unit 2017.

Roemmele particularly notes three Apple filings with the US Patent and Trademark Office that support his prediction. These collectively indicate that Apple has already developed techniques which could be utilized in the iPhone range. The most recent of these filings suggest that it will be possible for Apple to co-mold a housing for an electronic device from polymer. This comes from US patent application no. US20160255929, described by Apple as “an exploded perspective view of a housing for an electronic device”.

Dual-camera disappointment

However, those hoping that the next generation iPhone 8 will embrace dual-camera technology in each of its models may be disappointed. Legendary analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has already indicated his belief that Apple will retain the camera policy from the existing iPhone 7, and only release a phablet-sized version of the smartphone featuring this new technology.

Apple users had doubtless hoped that the consumer electronics behemoth would include a dual-camera technology in even the bargain basement iPhone 8, but perhaps Apple believes that this is not financially viable.