Apple Has A Sweet Secret For Diabetics In Its Future Smartwatch

#Apple #Smartwatch – Apple Has A Sweet Secret For Diabetics In Its Future Smartwatch : Apple has been quietly working on a smartwatch project that could revolutionize how blood glucose is monitored in diabetic patients. The company has a secret team that develops a sensor that can monitor a person’s blood sugar levels non-invasively 24/7.The medical technology infused in trendy wearable devices will be integrated into a future version of the Apple Watch.

The project that will help people with diabetes manage their condition in the most convenient manner had reportedly been Steve Jobs idea which he set up before his death. It is reported that the tech giant has quietly acquired “a nondescript location in Palo Alto,” a few miles from the tech giant’s head building. The place was reportedly for engineers to work in secret on the project, which has a significant potential to change the lives of people suffering from diabetes.

According to Engadget, it is believed that Apple has been successful with its smartwatch diabetic project that it is already running trials of the sensors at “clinical sites”. The trials reportedly have taken place in San Francisco’s Bay Area. More interestingly, the company is so motivated with the success of its project that it has already hired consultants to help it obtain FDA approval.

Per Digital Trends, the future smartwatch for diabetics will improve the way they regularly have to monitor their blood sugar levels by using a sensor. SO instead of having to go through the laborious and uncomfortable procedure of pricking their finger, they will only have to depend on their smartwatches. The device will use optical sensors with a light that shines through the skin to measure blood sugar levels.

The Apple smartwatch will then act as a constant monitor, flagging information when sugar levels drop too low, or too high. Both situations can trigger extremely serious complications for a diabetic if not quickly addressed. Therefore, if successful, the secret product would be a significant step forward for the medical industry as well as a tremendous help for diabetics.